Rainy Nights


On my way to shoot an assignment I made these photographs. Sometimes it’s nice to just stop what you’re doing and shoot something unexpected.


Multiple Flash

Dr. Bin Wu, an engineering professor, teaches Mizzou students and faculty how to tango at “Tiger Tang” in the Mark Twain ballroom on Tuesday, Nov.17, 2015. Wu teaches the Argentine Tango Club every Wednesday, and taught Tiger Tango as a one-time event with Student Unions Programming Board.

The multiple flash assignment was a bit challenging for me, but I ended up liking the results. I shot Tiger Tango in Memorial Union in the Mark Twain Ballroom. I cross-lit the room, both lights about 6 ft tall and at 50 watts. The event wasn’t as exciting as I expected it to be but I worked with it. I tried for a while to use one of the lights as a backlight to create a halo/rim lighting effect, but it was tricky because everyone was dancing and it hardly ever lined up perfectly. The shots I did get with this weren’t exactly what I was looking for either. I think it would have worked out better if I had a longer lens so I could have zoomed I more. Zooming with your feet only gets you so far when you’re trying not to get in the way of dancing.

I think my favorite shots were when I used framing and focused on the subjects that I knew would be the brightest. That’s what I did with my selected, best photo.

Unfortunately, they ended the class an hour early right when I was going to switch up my lighting ratio. If I could do it over again I’d try different lighting ratios and a longer lens, but I am happy with the final photo.


Lighting Metal

I wish I would have done something more creative with metal rather than just a product photo, but it was very challenging to photograph so I think that made up for it. At first I tried lighting it with a softbox overhead and a reflectors on the sides, but you could clearly see the softbox in the round eyes of the owl, no matter how high I moved up the softbox. I then tried to use a softbox from one side and a reflector from the other, then two softboxes on each side but neither of those worked. Luke then had the idea to set up a tent, so we used a rack to hang a white sheet over and then places the two softboxes on each side of the sheets.


That idea finally worked, but then a new challenge was presented of hiding the camera and I from the reflection of the metal. We cut a hole for the camera in the sheet and set the camera on self-timer. It worked for the most part, but you could still see a little speck of black from the camera lens. I needed to try a new angle. So I got on a chair and got an even higher angle of the necklace. This finally worked to make the photo what it needed to be. The flaw of the photo is that I only had a 55mm maximum length so the final, unedited shot isn’t as tight as it needed to be, so I wish I would’ve had a longer lens with me. The final photo is cropped but I think it worked out well and I’m proud of figuring out how to light this tricky, metal object.

This antique owl necklace is an accessory to any fall wardrobe. It blends well with fall colors. Watch out though – it is heavy, but pain is beauty, ladies (or gentlemen/other because why should fashion have a gender?)


Photo 1

Balancing Light

Bryn Bartel and Olivia Hagenhoff carve pumpkins in the student center during Mizzou After Dark and MSA/GPC's event,
Bryn Bartel and Olivia Hagenhoff carve pumpkins in the student center during Mizzou After Dark and MSA/GPC’s event, “Spooktacular” on Oct. 28, 2015.

Blending/Correcting SE

For the blending/correcting assignment I chose to take pictures of the MSA debate in memorial union, and then “Spooktacular” – the Halloween party in the student center. The MSA debate was a challenge because there were more people there than I expected and I couldn’t make my way to the front any closer than I did, so I ended up having to use my flash at a higher power. The lighting ended up being too soft in everything. I also realized during the shoot that my battery was running low and by the end of the shoot it was taking about five minutes to recharge. I originally tried using the light blue gel and daylight white balance, but the was too blue, so I ended up changing gels to light green layered over half CTO on the fluorescent white balance setting. Overall I didn’t think this shoot went very well, but I think I did color correct properly.

It was pretty dark at the Spooktacular event so I wasn’t able to achieve the right amount of color balancing, as I would have hoped since the flash had to act more as the key light rather than fill. I again, used light green layered over half CTO gels on fluorescent white balance setting. I thought my photos of the girls carving pumpkins and the girls in the zombie-geisha costumes turned out the best.

I also ended up getting some good pictures of the haunted house, but I didn’t use them for this assignment since there was no light in the room so I wasn’t color balancing at all, but I had fun making pictures there.


10282015_BL_compm_HR_018 10282015_BL_compm_HR_087 10282015_BL_compm_HR_070 10282015_BL_compm_HR_076

MSA Debate
MSA Debate