Finding Beauty in the Ordinary

Welcome humans of the world who decided to start reading my blog.

I am starting a new series in an effort to shoot more (and also not fail 4806, the convergence editing class which requires us to blog). But I am happy to do it and I think this will be a good thing for me.

The theme of my blog for the next 15 weeks will focus on creating photographs around my daily activities. I think photographers view the world differently than everyone else, but it’s easy to get lazy about shooting or only shoot when necessary. The purpose of this blog will be to develop my eye and style of photography, as well as remember to shoot for pure enjoyment.

The goal will be to shoot something every day and then post my favorite or favorites on Sunday nights with an explanation of how the week went and what challenges I have faced.


For this week I’ll just be posting one photo. I accidentally formatted one of my cards that had some photos from earlier in the week (I really need to start being an organized photog).

Light is my favorite tool as a photographer. I look for it in everything, and the contrast between light and dark tends to be my favorite type of lighting, especially when it occurs naturally.

So for this week, here is a photo of my friend smoking out of a hookah pen while we were hanging out in my room. It’s not a very interesting life situation, but the glowing computer screen while we were watching Netflix lit up the room, and I added a little more light by using my phone’s flashlight to light up the smoke.

Is it an interesting activity? No. But there’s potential there, and in any situation, to make a beautiful photo. My goal for the next 15 weeks is to do just that.