Layout Assignment


A main thing I learned in this assignment is that I have no idea how to use InDesign anymore! There were a lot of simple things that I has forgotten how to do. It very much made me appreciate designers. It was fun because it was like putting together a puzzle but very frustrating having to out everything together and make it look appealing.

We realized at the end that our designs for each page were pretty similar, just flipped, but i think it still turned out nice.


Visit from Sarah Leen

Friday we attended a speech in Jesse from National Geographic’s Director of Photography, Sarah Leen. It really stuck out to me that after all these years, she is the first woman director of photography at National Geographic. I love how that was not only acknowledged, but applauded and praised by the crowd. I think that’s really important to realize how far the press has come from male-dominated newsrooms, but also shows that there is still work to do with gender equality in the workplace.

As for her speech, it both inspired and overwhelmed me. It was another reminder to me just how hard National Geographic photographers work. It was an inspiration to see such amazing work and incredible stories. I love seeing more in-depth pieces and how Nat Geo takes unique angles to stories. It was overwhelming because I’m about to graduate and it was a lot of (helpful) information to take in. Overall I really enjoyed it and it was an empowering experience!