Meeting Larry

One of my favorite parts about journalism is you get to learn something new on a daily basis. The other day I was sent out to take photos of amusement ride inspectors checking out the rides before the opening night of the county fair. That’s when I met Larry, who just so happened to be conducting the last inspection of his 35 year career in the elevator and amusement safety business. I never even knew elevators and amusement rides were related, but after talking to Larry I learned there’s departments all over the country whose employees focus on those two areas.  It was a pleasure getting to spend time on the job with Larry, and even more special since it was his last inspection before retirement.web170731_ride inspection_MLC_080_e

web170731_ride inspection_MLC_062_e

web170731_ride inspection_MLC_008_e

web170731_ride inspection_MLC_029_e

web170731_ride inspection_MLC_152_e

web170731_ride inspection_MLC_059_e


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